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Day 5

Day 5- an exciting day! My first day taking a sponge bath and washing my hair! After surgery, I was instructed not to remove the ace bandage for the first few days. Along with that, I wasn’t really able to move out of bed and I’ve been having a hard time standing up even 5 minutes. So because of all of that, I really couldn’t shower. Which normally would really gross me out but I haven’t left my house since the surgery sooo I guess that’s okay lol.

But now that I am moving more again, I was able to wash myself and WOW, “showering” was SO refreshing- happy that I’m able to do that again (with some help)! It’s exciting to slowly get back to my daily activities.


Activities Completed:

  • Still watching Grey’s Anatomy

  • Still Stranger Things

  • Watched AQUAMAN

  • Finished reading OPEN, an autobiography by Andre Agassi


ACL Recovery Metric

Pain (Scale of 1-10, 1=no pain 10=most pain): 2

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