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Day 3

Feeling much, much better today! Less reliant on all the pain medication, so I was much more focused.

Consistently iced my knee with my Ossur machine; the swelling in my knee has gone down so I’m now able to fit the ice pad underneath my brace. I’ll open the middle two straps of my brace, and tuck the pad around my knee.

For my exercises, I repeat them a few times a day. I’m still unable to lift my leg but hopefully the other exercises will help me get my leg muscles strong enough to do so soon. I constantly do my ankle pumps and quad sets while I’m reading or watching TV so I’m hoping that will expedite the process.

In terms of bending, I’ll remove my brace and bend my knee as far as I can (which is not very far), but prior to my first PT appointment (3 days) I need to get my knee to at least 60 degrees. But no more than 90 degrees. I think they’ll need to evaluate my knee before I can go that far.

Happy that my doctors at HSS provided me with all this post-op surgery information; there is so much that needs to be done, and there is definitely no way I’d remember it all.


Activities Completed:

Watched the new and last season of Jane the Virgin

Read Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter


ACL Recovery Metrics:

Pain (Scale of 1-10, 1=no pain 10=most pain): 4

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