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Day 2

Tough day today- I woke up at 5AM today with extreme pain in my left knee. It seems that all the pain I didn’t feel yesterday hit all at once.

I really struggled to move out of bed and was totally reliant on the pain medication provided to me. Icing with my Ossur Cold Rush Therapy machine definitely helped, but my knee was still throbbing all day.

Today was also my first attempt of some of my home exercises. I was able to do my ankle pumps, knee extensions, and quad sets but wasn’t really able to bend my knee or lift my leg. Hopefully the pain will subside tomorrow or the next day so I can start really doing my exercises. I’ve heard that if my knee stays too still, I risk stiff knee which will be harder to fix in the long run.

Anyway, I’ve heard Day 2 and Day 3 are the worst, and now I can personally attest to that. I just need to get through these next few days and I think I should be in the clear.

I did have one exciting surprise today; my work team sent me a Milk Bar Cookie Care Package! It was totally unexpected, and its little things like this that can really make a difference.


ACL Recovery Metrics:

Pain (Scale of 1-10, 1=no pain 10=most pain): 8

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