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Spring Forward - It's Soccer Szn!

Spring forward! Hooray! Last night the clocks moved, and I am so excited. Why? Longer days :)

Which means early morning runs can happen AND spring soccer starts!

I’ve signed up for two leagues this spring, both at Brooklyn Bridge Park. One on Wednesdays and one on Sundays.

After playing in city soccer leagues for the past two years, I’ve learned that I really only need to sign up for a few. And if I want to play more, teams are always looking for female subs-- Seems to be a shortage of female soccer players in the city lol. But works out in my favor!

So, my mini review on Brooklyn Bridge Park. It’s my favorite place to play soccer in the city. Beautiful, spacious turf fields and of course the best part, the view. The amazing view of downtown Manhattan. Day or night, it always looks great. I think its what actually inspires me to play (and motivates me to actually leave Manhattan, haha).

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