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Rowhouse NYC: My experience

This past Sunday I took a class at Rowhouse NYC as part of the sALSa for A Cure initiative that I’m currently working on (more on that in another blog!)

I’ve dabbled in rowing before; I used to do the seasonal challenges at my work gym and one of the tasks is always rowing, usually a timed row for 500 meters I think. Since it was a competition and we got points for having the fastest time, I never really considered form- I was just trying to complete the task at hand as fast as I could. My times were always pretty good, considering I’ve never rowed before, but my form was definitely terrible.

That was my rowing experience prior to Rowhouse.

SO, it was extremely nice that we had an instructor leading the class. The first part of it was actually going over technique, like how to hold the handlebars and the proper form. I think that really helped overall with my row. I found myself rowing stronger and at a more consistent pace.

The class was 45 minutes and we alternated from doing “rows” to doing some additional strength work like dumbbells, leg workouts, and abs.

Overall, I like to think of Rowhouse at rowing meets Soul Cycle. Except I actually like it much better since I’m not too into cycling. It definitely worked my full body, and it was also just really fun since the lights were dimmed and the music was loud. And during certain parts we were completely in the dark, just rowing to some great pump up music. (Also, our instructor Macy played some T-swift in the middle so that’s always a plus! Taylor might not be your first choice for workout music, but trust me, her music gets you going even during the most intense workouts).

I think I will definitely be going again, even though the class is a little pricy ($35, but for this particular Rowhouse x Salsa For A Cure class, all proceeds went to our ALS Research fundraiser!). Lucky for me (and maybe you), it’s featured on ClassPass! :)

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