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Pre-Hawaii Thoughts

The day is finally here! The fam and I are travelling to Hawaii for a two-week long vacation.

My initial thoughts? Heck yea! It’s been awhile since I’ve taken a long vacation. The last one was when we were in Spain and Portugal for two weeks last June/July.

I’m excited to go because this trip is different than what we normally do. Over the past few years, I’ve been making my way through Europe. Living on the east coast in NYC makes travelling to Europe extremely accessible; the flight ranges between 6-9 hours which isn’t bad at all. (Especially when you go to London, where it can be a little less than 6). So with all that being said, Hawaii was always a hard-sell since it’s about a 14 hour flight and you’re still technically in the U.S.

But last year, I made a promise to myself to see more of the U.S.; we definitely haven’t been around as long as some European countries but truly each city and state is different and has their own culture, food, and sites and I believe they are worth experiencing at least once.

So how will Hawaii be different? Well for one, we aren’t really there to see the hundred year old historic sites (though I’m sure some of that exists there). The way I look at it, we’ll be experiencing the island itself, the beauty of the nature that exists there. A lot of hiking will be involved- so much that I bought myself some Chacos (#chaconation) since I didn’t actually own shoes that can withstand hiking terrain / I’d be willing to get a little muddy and wet.

What am I most excited to do? Two things I think. I’m really excited for our helicopter tour around Maui. I’ve never gone on a helicopter ride, and it’ll be awesome to see the world from that perspective. And no better place to do it than Hawaii where the waters are so blue and islands are lush green. Second, I am excited to do the hikes; I’m not exactly sure what to expect but from what I’ve read there are supposed to be beautiful waterfalls and lagoons that we can swim in. Those have always seemed so magical to me so it’ll be amazing to actually see it and experience it in person. Hoping I can cliff jump somewhere!

My goal for this trip is to document it in more detail. For those who know me, I’ve always had a lot of pictures from trips (lol), but I’ve never done a great job of writing down my thoughts.

As I get older and travel more, I want to remember everything I’ve done. And obviously I won’t write everything down, but I do want to write about the things that mattered to me and hopefully that’ll help trigger the memory when I look back it years down the road.

Until my next post!


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