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Boston - Lobstah Roll

My first ‘travel’ blog post! Definitely not my first trip or my first blog or my first blog about my travels, but needed to start somewhere :)

About two weeks ago, I visited Boston for a quick, less than 48-hour trip. I had a meeting at Mass General Hospital for an initiative a few colleagues and I started called sALSa for A Cure (will write more about that later).

Since I needed to be there early Monday morning, I figured I’d make a mini-trip out of it to visit the Boston scene. I’ve been to Boston a few times on family trips, college visits, and other things (Boston Calling Festival), so this time I really just wanted to check out some restaurants and coffee shops.

I arrived Sunday afternoon, taking a Greyhound bus from Port Authority to South Station Bus Terminal. It was about a 4.5 hour trip- not too bad. Got to catch up on some sleep and also read more of my book!

It was unfortunately rainy the day I arrived, so activities were limited and I wasn’t really able to walk around like I wanted. However, I did manage to make it to a restaurant I really wanted to try…Neptune Oyster in the North End of Boston!

No reservations needed. However, I heard that it could get quite busy so I decided to come very early… around 4:30PM. There were already people there, but since I was flying solo for this, I took a seat at the bar.

Despite being by myself, I made sure I ordered everything I wanted lol. Being in Boston and the Northeast, I had to order seafood. And that’s what I did.

I got 4 different types of oysters, two of each: Welfleet, Island Creek, Chatham, and Beausoleil. First three were from different areas of Massachusetts, the last one from the New Brunswick area of Canada.

  • Wellfleet – High salt, sweet butter finish

  • Island Creek – High salt with a fruity finish

  • Chatham – High salt, plump butter finish

  • Beausoleil – Medium salt, hints of champagne

Being a salt-tooth (like a sweet-tooth, but crave salt instead) and a butter lover, my favorites were the Wellfleet oysters.

I wanted to get the Wellfleet clam chowder, but I figured I’d wait since I planned on ordering the lobster roll with fries. Didn’t want to be too full before the main meal.

So now, on to the lobster roll. It was a large serving, with A LOT of lobster, so I was really happy about that as I had built up an appetite after sitting on the bus for 4 hours. Some lobster rolls I’ve had in the past have been quite small and as you know lobster rolls are a bit pricey, so with this lobster roll I felt like I was getting the full value for what I was paying.

Lobster roll verdict… AMAZING! Lobster was fresh, well-seasoned, and covered with butter. Bread was also a key part of the meal; soft and sort of garlic-y. Fries were fries, but definitely always a must have with any sandwich.

The lobster roll was extremely filling (and so was my beer) so I didn’t end up ordering the clam chowder. But overall, my meal at Neptune Oyster was delicious and definitely worth all the hype.

This restaurant was definitely the highlight of my mini Boston trip and would highly recommend to anyone visiting.

Until next time! -Nicole

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